Tomorrow, how does it work?

Tomorrow is quite different from all other dating applications. You don't have immediate access to a profiles list. We offer you the possibility to choose in the application which time slots you are available for meeting in the coming week. If you have a dance lesson on wednesday and you see friends on friday but you are available on thursday, you can create a rdv for this evening. We will then show you 24 hours before profiles who also have chosen this time slot and who match your search criterias. You will then have until the end of the rdv to chat with a limited number of profiles and try to make a real date occur. Maybe THE one? 😉
In the application a rdv starts 24 hours before the time of the real rdv itself, and ends at the time this rdv finishes. For example, if you created a rdv for thursday evening, it will start in the application on wednesday evening and it will finish on friday morning. You will consequently have 24 hours plus the length of the rdv to chat with the profiles the application will show you.
Yes it's possible. For example, if during a week-end you create a rdv for friday evening and a rdv for saturday afternoon, you can have in the application the two rdvs opened on friday afternoon. You will then have two different profiles lists and two tabs in the chats screen. The chats are separated by rdv, a tab corresponds to a rdv, and each tab disappears once the corresponding rdv is over.
You have a limited number of tokens each week. If you delete a rdv that is not started yet, you immediatly get back the token of this rdv. If a rdv is already started and therefore can not be deleted, you will get back the token of this rdv on week exactly after the creation of this rdv.
Tap on "+" button on the home screen and you will then see appear the creation rdv popup. In this popup you can choose the day and part of the day, and a mood which allows you to define which kind of dates you want to make. Don't hesitate also to put a small punchline which will allow to put youself forward. You can also specify where you want to meet, either by letting your default account localization or by modifying it only for this rdv.
A rdv can be started or not. If it is displayed as started, you can no more edit or delete it, you can only access the profiles list. If it is not started, you can tap on the rdv and in the popup either edit the informations and validate them or delete the rdv.
We think this application must be a companion in your everyday life, and not a mean to occupy yourself or cheat boredom. Limiting the number of tokens allows to really focus on the the true available time slots you have and on making real dates.
You have two spots where you can specify your localization in the application. In the account you can define your default localization which will be automatically used in the rdvs you create. Inside the rdv, you can then decide to choose a different localization only for this rdv, for example because you are travelling in a different place for this rdv.

... and the matching, how does it work?

When a rdv is opened, we show you a list of profiles that match your search. This number of profiles is voluntarily limited to focus on quality rather than quantity. This list of profiles can evolve in time if new profiles are linked to this rdv whereas it is already opened. If you activated it in your account, you will then receive a notification informing you that a new profile has been added to your rdv.
When you are watching the list of profiles for your rdv, you can decide to contact yourself one or several of these profiles. Launching a conversation means that it is you who has sent the first message to a profile and therefore launched the conversation.
It is a strong choice on our part. We wish for you to really meet people. In real life. For us a dating application must be a mean and not an end. Therefore deleting the messages and cutting communication at the end of the time slot is for us a way to encourage you to set the date without waiting and not postpone for later. It opens the door to more spontaneity and allows to make the leap more easily.
The first thing is that the two profiles must have created a rdv the same day, for the same time slot, with the same mood, and in the same localization. Then, one of the most important things for us is that the matching uses the search criterias of both profiles. Therefore we check that age and gender criterias are respected on both sides (I can only see a profile of a certain age if my age matches the search age of this profile, and same for gender).
As for the number of tokens of rdv, we which to focus on quality rather than quantity. If we allow you to contact a limited number of profiles in a rdv, it is so that you can take the time to carefuly select the profiles you want to chat with, rather than trying to talk to everybody.
We just launched this application and we are working hard to make the community grow. Meanwhile, if you create rdvs and don't see any profile, try maybe to widen your search criterias or localization. And first of all, don't hesitate spreading the word about this application 😉

... and me and Tomorrow, how does it work?

No you don't have to pay for anything in Tomorrow. You can freely created rdvs every week and chat with the profiles we show you.
We use your Facebook account only to connect you. We will never use Facebook to publish on your account or to get personal datas.
The fist time you connect and your account is created, we get from Facebook the first three photos of your profile album. You can then go into your account in the application to add new photos or delete some. We only make mandatory to have at least one photo in your account, you can therefore not delete your last remaining photo.
The search criterias we offer you to define are gender, localization and age. You can choose to meet males or females or both, and then define the minimum and maximum age of the persons you want to meet, as well as the localization of these persons.
In the account screen, you can at the bottom of the screen go to the settings and at the bottom of these settings proceed to the deactivation of your account. A deactivation is not a suppression. It indicates us that you don't want to be considered active anymore.
You can receive several types of notifications. We can inform you of the opening of a rdv, we can also alert you when you received a new message or when a new profile is added to your rdv. Finally, we can inform you when a new token is available to create a rdv.
You connect to Tomorrow with the Facebook account with which you are connected in your Facebook application or/and your web browser. When this first Facebook connection is made and we create your Tomorrow account, we get from Facebook your forename, your birthday to check your age, your gender, your first three photos of your profile album and your Facebook id so that we can identify you at your next connections. We never get or store any confidential datas as such as your mail or Facebook password.
We use the Facebook account with which you are connecte in your Facebook application or/and web browser. Consequently, you have to first disconnect in the Tomorrow application, then connect to the right account in your Facebook application, and reconnect in Tomorrow.
The informations you can edit are quite simple. We already have your name and age, you can then edit yourself a description to introduce yourself, and also fill a punchline that will be used in rdvs and allows you to put yourself forward. You can then define your default localization that will be used in the rdvs you well create
If you ever encounter a problem with another user, you have the possibility to report and block it in the application. On the profile of this user, you will see on the top right of the screen a "..." picto (three small dots) on which you can tap. A popup menu will open and you can then report and block this user. This user will then disappear immediately from your rdv and will not be able to contact you anymore. We are at the same time informed of this action and can take the necessary measures depending on what happened.
If you want to definitely delete your account, you can contact us through the Contact form of this web site and inform us of your will. We will then proceed ourselves to the real deletion of your account.
In the account screen, you can at the bottom access to the settings, and at the top of these settings select which notifications you cant to receive or not.